The European MaRs Analog Station for Advanced Technologies Integration (ERAS) project is an extension of the Mars Analog Research Station (M.A.R.S.) program spearheaded by the Mars Society. It aims to address the major issues that could jeopardize a crewed mission to Mars and are not adequately being addressed at existing terrestrial Mars analogs

The ERAS Command, Control and Communication (C3) subsystem will provide the data processing and communications equipment required to:

•                       monitor and control the habitat’s environment and subsystems

•                       monitor and maintain crew health and safety

•                       communicate with mission support, rovers and EVA crewmembers

•                       support data processing related to the mission objectives

•                       host the core part of the crew operations planning and scheduling support system

The C3 prototype that is being built on Italian Mars Society (IMS) premises in Bergamo, Italy, will be used as test bed for the its corresponding core technologies.

The already developed C3 Prototype code is accessible here : https://bitbucket.org/italianmarssociety/eras

The ERAS C3 Software documentation is available here: https://eras.readthedocs.org/en/latest/


Fig. 1

The functional diagram for the ERAS C3 Prototype is depicted in Fig. 1.

The corresponding hardware architecture is shown in Fig. 2

Fig. 2


Control Framework Selection


One of the main technical choice needed for the C3 prototyping is the one of the Framework.

The various options which have been considered till now are:

Since TANGO seems providing all the needed basic functionalities and a great level of expandability for the moment is being used for the C3 prototype implementation.

Other Frameworks could be adopted in the future keeping the C3 prototype hardware unchanged.



More details on the C3 prototype status can be found here